Why I am that annoying person who Instagrams Food Pictures

Why I am that annoying person who Instagrams Food Pictures

One thing that truly elevates my existence is going out and having a nice meal… and then Instagraming it. For me going out to a nice meal and a glass of wine is seconded only by curling up on my couch with my dogs with a bottle of wine and binge watching House of Cards. Going out for a meal can brings so many unexpected things into one’s life. In fact, many of our life’s biggest moments happen while gathered around a table and sometimes the most memorable moments we have with loved ones; which is where Social Media comes in. Sure some people just like to look at tasty treats or find new restaurants to try, and don’t get me wrong I absolutely utilize those features, but I also see those moments as memories. I will remember the trip to Hotel Havana and the incredible meal my friends and I had while discussing the expansion of one of their families. I remember the paper I had to write and how proud I was of it when I look back at a photo of a latte I consumed. So when you are looking at the photos on this page or perusing my Instagram you are getting a glimpse into a  moment of my life, moments when I am discussing intimate details with family, friends, and loved ones. Memorable moments.

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