Apple Watch  Accessories : Bucardo Style

Apple Watch Accessories : Bucardo Style

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Anyone that knows me knows I am an apple fan-girl. So naturally when the Apple Watch launched I jumped right on board the train. I personally use my Apple Watch almost everyday. It is amazing at making sure I actually show up the the meetings I scheduled, and in general makes me a more productive person. My only problem with it was that I HAD to wear it on my wrist, and watches don’t always sync with my general style and ascetic so I couldn’t wear it with all of my outfits. I was hunting around for different bands when I stumbled across the holy grail of accessories… something that turns my watch into a necklace!

Rocking my apple watch in necklace mode!

Bucardo Style has put out a line of accessories that help you wear a piece of very recognizable technology in a more subtle classic way. Their designs are based on turn of the century pieces, or essentially how men and women used to wear their timepieces.They have charms, lockets, and even pocket watches!


I get more use out of my watch as a necklace than I do as a wristwatch. It goes with more of the items in my closet and doesn’t scream ‘I am wearing a smartwatch’! It is quickly becoming a staple item in my closet.Watch for it in an upcoming outfit of the day post!


After purchasing my locket attachment I reached out to Bucardo and they are awesome enough to offer a discount to all of you who read my blog and follow me on social media! Use Code HAPPYDAY to receive 20% off of your order starting now – October 15th! Check out their website at the link below.

*Note their lockets and pocket watch covers only fit Series 1 Apple Watches but, their charms will fit both Series 1 & 2 of the Apple watch!

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