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Even though the Apple Watch has been on the market for about 2 years now I still frequently get questions about what it is like, if it is worth it, and if it is actually useful. I get stopped in line at H.E.B., out shopping, and even at work!

People still seem fascinated by these little wrist rectangles and want to be reassured of their value in ones daily life, so I thought I would put my two cents in on the matter.

Do I wear it every day?:


There are only a few days when the watch is not attached to my person. I recently had family in town for a few days and I decided that I did not want the distraction, covert though it may be, from that time. At work however it is practically glued to me.


How often do you change out the bands?:

I change out bands as it suits me. There are outfits that work better with a leather band vs a sports band and some that I prefer to wear my Apple Watch in necklace mode with the Bucardo locket.


Do you actually think it is worth it?:

Absolutely. It is a time saver for many things and a great tool at work.


How do you think it impacts your quality of life?:

This is always a more difficult question. It does make it harder to unplug from the world because you literally have a device strapped to your body, but it makes me more productive and more likely to remember what I have coming up. I have personally found it to be a positive thing in my life.




There you have it folks the top 4 questions I am always asked about my Apple Watch. Hopefully this answers a few questions for those of you still on the fence!





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