Saturday Excursions: The Dienger Trading Co.

Saturday Excursions: The Dienger Trading Co.

Saturday is my day to run around and do errands in the morning. I like to have things done by mid afternoon before everyone else wakes up so that I can relax in the afternoon. Part of this relaxation ritual involves coming home to a cup of coffee and a treat.

Today that comes from The Dienger Trading Company. I’ve written about The Dienger before and they are still one of my favorite places in Boerne.  Today’s goodies are a vanilla latte and a scone.

Iced Vanilla Latte


Orange and Cranberry Scone with some of the Strom family homemade jam.

I like to warm up my scone and then slather it with some of my family’s homemade jam. It is the perfect way to start the weekend wind down.

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