Hill Country History: Boerne Walking Tours

Hill Country History: Boerne Walking Tours

Saturday I had the opportunity to experience an evening with Boerne Walking Tours. I attended the tour with several other Boerne locals who wanted to get a better grasp on the history of the area.

The tour was run by Dayna (pictured below), a charismatic host, who kept our excursion light and fun as well as historically informative.

Our tour guide Dayna giving us our introductory information.
Tour guides Dayna and Sally lead the way!



The tour began with the Dienger building and continued on a loop of Main Street.



Dayna kept things on tour fun and informative.
Take the tour to see why the concrete blocks are so interesting!


We get the chance to learn about the ghoulish happening that are said to occur in many spots in town.



An original STOP sign!



Whether you are a local or just visiting the area, this tour will be a memorable experience that will give you insight into why the City of Boerne is so special.

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