A RANDOM Evening in Boerne

A RANDOM Evening in Boerne

I decided to take a hiatus from my normal rounds on the Hill Country Mile this past Sunday to go a little further up the 10, aka I-10, to RANDOM Beer Garden.

I wanted to have a relaxing late afternoon/evening, have a good beer, and watch the sunset.


There are seemingly an infinite variety of beers and ales on tap. There were a lot of great choices but I eventually ended up with the Bombshell Blonde. I am a sucker for cute beer tap handles and great packaging!



and wandered around the grounds for a bit before settling in at a table, and watched people slowly trickle in for the evening.


RANDOM has frequent concerts and events!  Check out their Facebook Page for info on upcoming events! 

RANDOM is one of the best places in Boerne for family friendly fun that also is great for adults! It is a great place to get together with friends and family and wind-down from the long work week/ get ready for the week ahead.

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