Holidays At Rock Harbor Hill Country Lodge

Holidays At Rock Harbor Hill Country Lodge

I was recently invited up to Rock Harbor Hill Country Lodge by owner Amanda to see her holiday decor and visit the little getaway in the heart of the Hill Country that is quickly becoming a popular getaway destination.

Located in just past Boerne proper out in Sisterdale, it is the perfect distance away from restaurants and wineries in the hill country and far enough away from the hustle and bustle of San Antonio to let you fully relax and enjoy some of the natural beauty of the area.

Upon arrival you drive through a cheerful gate and are welcomed by the Rock Harbor furry greeting committee aka owner Amanda’s pets which include two dogs, three cats, and two chickens. Having those little furry friends around really helped make me feel right at home on Amanda’s property. Once inside I took some time to wander with my new furry friends and explore the area.

Every inch of the space is a Pinterest dream board. This quaint little bed and breakfast looks like it popped straight out of the pages of Better Homes and Gardens or Southern Living. So much thought and attention has been put into every detailed corner of the property and they have really thought of absolutely everything that you as a guest could want. Amanda has a keen eye for design and attention to detail and you can really tell how much love has been poured into every corner of each space. The whole property is bursting with Christmas Holiday Cheer!

My favorite spot at RHL is probably the outdoor seating area near the private cabin. In this elegant outdoor space (complete with cat companion) you can lounge outside under gorgeous chandeliers and enjoy the sounds of birds perched on branches of the nearby trees, watch squirrels scampering across the fence line, read a book, and enjoy the crisp air of the season.

Owner Amanda is an Air B&B Super Host (which means she is very highly rated) and EVERY review is 5 stars, so you know that you are in good hands at Rock Harbor. She and her husband have worked hard to convert and create spaces that make you feel at home while still giving you a luxurious experience.

I can’t wait to head back up again after the New Year to stay in the new  lotus bell tent for a ‘Glamping’ experience and stargazing in the the evening (Keep an eye out for a post on that experience).

If you have been searching for a place to stay while visiting family, girls weekend, or are looking to book your next romantic getaway, Rock Harbor Hill Country Lodge and it’s proprietors are sure to make your visit relaxing, restful, and memorable.

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