Kuhlman Cellars

Kuhlman Cellars

This past weekend Chris Cobb, one of the founders of  Kuhlman Cellars, invited me to come up and experience one of their Signature Tastings and tour the winery.


I dragged the lovely lady behind the @TastingSanAntonio account (follow her she’s fabulous!)  up to Kuhlman Cellars with me and we got to experience all they had to offer.



We were greeted by the resident kitty who was a rescue from Hurricane Harvey (He’s a total sweetheart), as well as the Jennifers’; Jennifer Cobb (Co-Founder), and Jennifer Beckmann (Marketing Director).


Jennifer Cobb took us around the vineyard and showed us the behind the scenes production side and took us down to wander amongst the budding vines.


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When our outside tour was done we wandered back inside to our tasting where Jennifer Beckmann started us off on our tasting experience.



The tasting at Kuhlman Cellars was very different than what I’ve experienced at wineries in the past, in the best possible way. It is a very personal experience. Many wineries in the Hill Country surprisingly don’t offer food pairings with their wine. Kuhlman Cellars’ Signature Pairing experience gives you the opportunity to experience the way their wines taste with a variety of flavors.


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Another great thing about how the staff at Kuhlman Cellars works is that you can go in with zero wine knowledge and come out finally understanding what people are talking about! They are wonderful at breaking things down without making you feel like a 5 year old.



The bites were a mix of sweet, salty, bitter, spicy, and savory and you get to really see how the right wine can really enhance the flavor of the food and how the flavors bring out the different notes in wine.




Jennifer Beckmann joked that she was going to “leave things on a bad note” because our last pairing was to show us how a wine would ‘fight’ a food. It is interesting to see how salt can really fight or compliment a wine.



I love coming out of a place having actually learned something in addition to having an enjoyable relaxing experience. I got to sit and relax after my tasting with a glass of wine and enjoy the beautiful weather and sunshine on the patio and enjoy  the sweeping view of the vineyard and the LBJ Ranch just beyond (oh and play with the cat.. of course!).



Kuhlman Cellars is a breath of fresh air on the wine circuit of the Hill Country and a destination all on it’s own. If you are planning on taking a trip up to the Texas wine country Kuhlman Cellars should definitely be on your list.

***Foodie Tip: Make sure you take advantage of the $5 credit towards a bottle of wine that is included with your Signature Pairing! ***


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