Art of Green </strong>®️<strong> -Hounds at Home

Art of Green ®️ -Hounds at Home

A happy dog is a dog with clean toys! My Buddy was napping though photos for this post but once the squeaker came out the nap was over and he was ready to play with his freshly cleaned toys!

If y’all saw my previous post on Art of Green ®️ y’all will know I’ve been using @artofgreenhome ®️to clean up 🧼 my daily kitchen messes (cause y’all know I can’t cook!) and also to clean my pups hard toys.

His squeakers get a spray/wipe & a rinse to keep them clean and ready for play time! And it also gets rid of puppy breath odor… cause that’s not cute! I thought the soft dog toys in the laundry but it’s been nice knowing that I can clean up the formally icky toys and not have the doggie toy basket start smelling like dog breath! I mean I love my dogs but the breath is just … not as lovable as the rest of them is!

How To Clean Dog Toys / Toy Areas:


Cleaning up pet toys is a breeze with Cleaning Wipes, simply wipe down plastic toys then rinse with water.


Get rid of odor by adding ¼ cup (2 fl oz) Concentrated Multisurface Cleaner per gallon of water to clean floors and leave them smelling like new wherever your pup has been playing.


Spray the Multisurface Spray Cleaner 6-8 in. from plastic pet toys, wait a few minutes, then wipe away or rinse with water.

You can learn more at https://artofgreen.com/ !

*This post has been sponsored by Art of Green ®️ all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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