Happy Easter Bunny Day – A Guide On Celebrating A Holidays When You’re Not Religious

Happy Easter Bunny Day – A Guide On Celebrating A Holidays When You’re Not Religious

Easter 🐣 Dress From Belk

I Did It My Way🎵

I LOVE the holidays. Maybe it’s my love of dressing up, or my love of decorating but I always enjoy when things are gussied up for any kind of holiday event.

As someone who deconstructed from religion over 15 years ago, I have celebrated many a holiday in many different ways in my secular life.

I’ll share with you my Easter 🐣 and how I enjoy the holiday weekend in my secular life.

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As displayed in the photo above, I wore a spring colorful outfit (I call it my Easter Egg 🥚Dress because it’s pastel Easter egg colors!). I love any excuse to dress up! So use this as your excuse to get a cute new Spring outfit! You don’t need to be spending a Sunday in a church to wear your Sunday best!


I donned my Easter Egg Dress and headed to downtown San Antonio to the Tower of The America’s to have an 11 o’clock brunch with my partner.

Chart House (The restaurant at the top of the Tower) had an amazing prefix menu for Easter. We had an AMAZING surf and turf meal and some truly incredible cake. I’ll take that cake over a chocolate rabbit 🐇 any day! … but I’ll also always take a chocolate rabbit! Good food with an incredible view (and no cleaning dishes!)!


After our amazing meal we decided we wanted to walk a bit of it off so we went for a walk in Hemisfair Park around the tower to check out the Easter festivities hosted by the Tower like the egg hunt, the Easter bunny photos, egg decoration, and then we wandered down to the San Antonio River Walk.


I had a wonderful day out and about and enjoying a fun celebration. The holiday is what I make it. You don’t need to have any spiritual attribution to the day or to spend the day in forced conversation with extended family who may be toxic to celebrate or have fun with it. The best parts of holidays are pagan in origin anyway, so enjoy the cutesy bits and the spirit of fun and have some amazing memories to go along with it!

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