Tips To Actually Relax On A Vacation/ Staycation

Tips To Actually Relax On A Vacation/ Staycation

Tip 1- Stay Local

I recently stayed with friends at Camp Hickory Creek Air Bnb in Marble Falls in between San Antonio and Austin

1. If you’re really looking to relax and unwind do a semi local staycation. As much fun as far away trips are… they are rarely relaxing.

By staying local, you are less likely to feel pressured to spend all your time touristing and not relaxing. Often trips far out of town or out of the country you’re too focused on trying to pack in all the sights and restaurants you’ve seen and want to try to actually have the time to pause and unwind. With a local staycation you know you don’t have to rush around to see the sites because you can easily day trip anytime so you can actually focus on unwinding.

Tip 2 – Choose Your Company Wisely

@SanAntonioStephanie and @TastingSanAntonio are the best travel companions

Spend the time with people you truly enjoy or have a solo trip! There is nothing worse than a difficult family member or Type A friend ruining a vacation.

If you really want to unwind bring only people you actually enjoy. If you have friends or family that you can sit and do nothing with and still have a wonderful time… that’s who you bring!

Or consider a solo trip just for you!

Tip 3 – Kitchens Are Key

Finding an Air BNB with a Kitchen is a big factor in a relaxing staycation. Sure I could just go out and get every meal but then you have to interrupt your wind down time to get in the car, find a place, get back in the car and bring in every meal.

By hitting up HEB on your way up and bringing food and snacks with you you won’t have to interrupt your time with friends or family by having to go out hunting for sustenance!

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