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Hey Y’all! I hope you’ve been safe during quarantine. I decided to post a quick chit chat and share how I’m feeling about going back to work now that we’re opening.

VOTE FOR JESSICA! Help Me Become San Antonio River Walk Royalty!

I am beyond excited to finally announce that I am running for Queen of the River Walk!


Why I Am Running:

I have lived in the Greater San Antonio Area for nearly a decade and upon moving here the River Walk was one of the first places I went to start my exploration of San Antonio and this blog. Besides my personal nostalgia, many of you know that philanthropy and giving back is very important to me. I work for a local nonprofit and dedicate a great deal outside of my job to various nonprofits in the San Antonio area as well. Many of the different populations that I work are military and also low income; being able to attend the free events that are put on by the San Antonio Riverwalk Association aren’t just a fun casual day out, but a huge memorable event for those families because they are something that is accessible both in cost and location. Keeping the programing at the River Walk free for the community is something that means the entire population can participate.

Being able to help raise money for the incredible programs that are on the Riverwalk that help protect the legacy and history of this amazing city is SO important, and I am honored to be able to bring attention to the incredible programs that are put on by the San Antonio River Walk Association for the San Antonio community, like the Armed Forces River Parade and the Ford Holiday River Parade. The River Walk is vein of the city, connecting the Alamo and all of the important historical monuments to the businesses and attractions of the downtown district. It is so important to me that the history of the city be protected, and that the parades and celebrations continue to bring visitors so that our city can continue to thrive.


Three Easy Ways To Help!

I would be beyond grateful for your generosity in assisting me. Following are a few ways that you or your business can help my royalty campaign:

Local Business Sponsorship: 

For businesses that wish to become a donor to my campaign I am offering several sponsor levels for both small & large businesses that provide you with advertisement opportunities across my blog and social media platforms of over 20,000 followers. Please email me at jessicalynnstrom@gmail.com for sponsor levels, donation form, and additional details.

Donate Services or Items: 

Donate an item, experience, or service to my silent auction/ raffle! These items can be simple like gift cards, tickets, staycations, or any professional services. If you would like to donate a raffle item, please email me for a donation form jessicalynnstrom@gmail.com.

Individual Monetary Donation: 

Any amount you can donate is so greatly appreciated! You can donate directly to my royalty campaign by CLICKING HERE and select my name!

I am so humbled and excited to be part of the San Antonio River Walk Royal Court and giving back to a city I love so dearly by working with the San Antonio River Walk Association which serves to promote, protect and preserve the Crown Jewel of our city, the Riverwalk. I hope that participating in the River Walk Royalty program will help bring much needed attention and funding to sustain the beautiful Riverwalk and keep its historical legacy alive for generations to come.

History Of The Riverwalk Royalty Program:

“Once upon a time, the “Crown Jewel” of San Antonio, known as the River Walk, had its’ magical water drained every year for a week. The citizens and visitors became sad that their beautiful river contained only mud. To bring joy to the good people, the citizens appointed a Mud King and Queen every year for the week of mud. The king and queen, in turn, raised money which was used to provide mirth and merriment along the River Walk once it was refilled. All rejoiced!  Through the years the river was drained less often and the tradition of Mud King and Queen ended. In the year 2010, the tradition was happily replaced with a court of River Walk Royalty who still rule today, bringing joy to all.

Since 1987 River Walk Royalty began serving for a full calendar year. Throughout their reign, they serve as ambassadors for the San Antonio River Walk Association sharing in the mission to promote, protect, and preserve the San Antonio River Walk. Each year four King and four Queen Candidates work to raise money for the many free River Walk events organized annually by the San Antonio River Walk Association. Nominees are announced in September and are given seven months to fundraise for their “position” on the royal court. Titles are awarded in the order of who raises the most money. King and Queen, Prince and Princess, Duke and Duchess, Count and Countess.  A Royal Coronation ceremony occurs in April.

Royalty are responsible for making appearances at not only River Walk events but various other occasions throughout the city. Royalty campaigns are one of the largest fundraising activities for the association. Not only is being a River Walk royal a great honor, it is a responsibility.  One must perfect the royal wave, ride in countless parades, and look great wearing a crown.” – San Antonio Riverwalk Association


San Antonio Cocktail Conference 2018



The San Antonio Cocktail Conference was last week, the 5 days of workshops, events, and parties. The backbone of the event though is giving back to the community. The SACC raises money for Houston Street Charities  which donates 100% of the proceeds to children’s charities. This means that in addition to getting to go to some awesome parties you get to give back to the community at the same time!

Houston Street CharitiesLogo.png
I got to do SO MUCH at the conference and I still didn’t hit it all ( #SACC2019GOALS ), there were just so many options for events to attend! I  did manage to hit up all of the main events, a few workshops and of course and after party or two!
Watch my YouTube video  to see more of the sights from the San Antonio Cocktail Conference and make sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!



At the Opening Night at the DoSeum I met the Lovely Erin Malatesta the Founder of Flavour Gallery who makes the amazing San Antonio Cocktail Conference Shirts!

Go pick up your SACC swag HERE!!!

Some of the Food Blog Squad! 


This year I also got the opportunity to speak with two of the amazing ladies from the Twin Liquors team, Sandra Spalding  (Director of Marketing) and Jessica Barnard (Wholesale Manager).
Read my interview with the Twin Liquors Team HERE for Sandra’s hostess tips and some upcoming events to look forward to as well!!
Sandra invited me on the Agave Bon Voyage river barge tour where we learned about the’ Art of Agave Spirits’ got to sample and learn about an array of tequilas and mezcals from Joseph Castillo of Kimo Sabe Mezcal (#TrustedFriend) .
It was a very entertaining boat ride particularly when we reached the damn/lock portion of the river and everyone hummed the Jurassic Park theme as the gates opened. *Just FYI if you don’t watch my Instagram Stories you’re missing out on some hilarious shenanigans!

Whether you are a cocktail connoisseur, bar tender, liquor novice, or just want to go have a good time the San Antonio Cocktail Conference provides an opportunity for both learning and entertainment.
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Take A Hike: San Antonio Botanical Garden

The San Antonio Botanical Garden has been going through an expansion and is now bigger and more beautiful than ever. It is a fantastic place to go for a causal day out after brunch with a significant other, family, or friends.


There are multiple different walking trails throughout that not only immerse you in nature, but also give you a glimpse into different areas of Texas from wooded areas , to cactus gardens you can experience various peaceful gardens.

Get outside and go #TakeAHike at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens!

Peggy’s on the Green

This evening I had the pleasure of going to a new restaurant just off Boerne’s Main Street, Peggy’s on the Green. Located inside the historic Ye Kendall Inn,  Peggy’s on the Green oozes southern charm both in the decor and food.  It is easy to tell that the staff members are veterans in this industry, the service was impeccable and there was not a fork out of place. My server Walter was a treat, and Arash the sommelier was incredibly knowledgeable. My evening started out with amazing appetizers, candied jalapeños with whipped cream cheese as well as chicken skins. I have to tell you I was nervous about the chicken skin… but it was incredible!

For the main course, I had the Soft Shell Crab, and my guest had the Crab Cakes, though I was extremely tempted to try the numerous offerings of steak (next time!).


For dessert, I had to try the Grandma’s Chocolate Cream Pie.




Absolutely every single thing was delicious and a credit to the chef’s ability to blend good old fashioned southern cooking with the flavor of the Texas Hill Country. Peggy’s on the Green is a very welcome new addition to Boerne’s Hill Country Mile.  I cannot wait for my next visit!



Visit their website below: