Luke’s Diner / White Elephant Coffee Co. AKA : The Gilmore Girls Experience.

This is a longer post. Warning in advance.

If you grew up in the early 200o’s you are probably well aware of the TV Show Gilmore Girls. If you are also a fan like myself you no doubt were extremely excited when you heard about the planned 4 episode reboot on Netflix you were practically giddy. So when I heard that Netfilx was going to be doing Luke’s Diner popups all over the country on the 16th anniversary of the show I knew I had to be there.


(This photo courtesy of townofstarshollow.org)

Texas had several cities participating, but San Antonio only had one location that was being converted into Luke’s Diner, White Elephant Coffee Co. in the South Town area. It seemed simple enough, I would get up early, wait in line, and be at work early with a Luke’s coffee cup.

Cue October 5th 2016, I get up to my alarm at 5 am drag myself out of bed, slap on a face, get in my vehicle and drive to South Town. I’m thinking to myself I’ll be there early and be near the front of the line… this was not the case. I got there and the line was wrapped around the building almost reaching the front entrance. I was luck enough to pull into a spot someone was leaving and immediately got into line. It was still dark outside at this point and I had about two hours until I had to be at work. I waited patiently in line chit chatting with others in line with me and we were having a great time discussing our theories for what the reboot would bring. Suddenly my alarm went off on my phone 8:15… you have to leave and go to work with no Luke’s cup. I was no where near the front of the line (which had only moved about 200 feet total), so I had to leave and go to work empty handed. I took a quick snap of the front door with the Luke’s sign before leaving to go back to work.


Now I work at an incredible place with possibly the most amazing coworkers and supervisors on the planet. My boss came in and asked if I had secured the Luke’s cup I had talked her ear off the day before. I told her no and she told me to go back to Luke’s! I raced back over and secured a new place in the growing line.


It was now 10:15 A.M. Just after 11 an employee came out to tell us that all of the Gilmore Girls cups had been given out but that there were still sleeves with the Luke’s branded logo to be given out. I thought ‘okay no problem that the best part anyway. Cue an HOUR later and I have finally reached the front door and reached the interior, they run out of sleeves.


(Me before I heard the tragic No More Cup News.)

I then had a desperate moment… I asked the woman in front of me if I could take a picture with her Luke’s cup and bless her she said sure of course! Several other people who had received the coveted item who were on there way out offered their cups to others who wanted to take their own snaps of the Instagram worthy piece.


I think that that moment showed the real spirit of the event, fans assisting other fans, just like the citizens of Stars Hollow would. Everyone was so happy to be there and among other kindred spirits that it didn’t matter if the actually had the cup in hand, we were all there for the experience of being with other people like us. Everyone could still snap photos of the NO CELLPHONES sign and the employees in their Luke’s attire (complete with plaid shirts) and be perfectly pleased.




My boss texted to check in on my progress and I let her know that I would be back on my was sans coffee cup. When I arrived back at my desk my coworkers had bestowed upon me their won version of the Luke’s Diner experience; sticking a Luke’s logo to my Starbucks cup and even a NO CELLPHONES sign!!!


So am I disappointed that I didn’t get to get the Luke’s Coffee Cup? Not really. I met amazing people, had a good time, and took some fun photos. I feel that the comradery displayed by everyone at the event made everyone feel like they had the full Stars Hollow experience; the cup of coffee is just the symbol, but the spirit is what it is all about.


Also townofstarshollow.org is a thing… and it is epic.



Apple Watch Accessories : Bucardo Style

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Anyone that knows me knows I am an apple fan-girl. So naturally when the Apple Watch launched I jumped right on board the train. I personally use my Apple Watch almost everyday. It is amazing at making sure I actually show up the the meetings I scheduled, and in general makes me a more productive person. My only problem with it was that I HAD to wear it on my wrist, and watches don’t always sync with my general style and ascetic so I couldn’t wear it with all of my outfits. I was hunting around for different bands when I stumbled across the holy grail of accessories… something that turns my watch into a necklace!

Rocking my apple watch in necklace mode!

Bucardo Style has put out a line of accessories that help you wear a piece of very recognizable technology in a more subtle classic way. Their designs are based on turn of the century pieces, or essentially how men and women used to wear their timepieces.They have charms, lockets, and even pocket watches!


I get more use out of my watch as a necklace than I do as a wristwatch. It goes with more of the items in my closet and doesn’t scream ‘I am wearing a smartwatch’! It is quickly becoming a staple item in my closet.Watch for it in an upcoming outfit of the day post!


After purchasing my locket attachment I reached out to Bucardo and they are awesome enough to offer a discount to all of you who read my blog and follow me on social media! Use Code HAPPYDAY to receive 20% off of your order starting now – October 15th! Check out their website at the link below.


*Note their lockets and pocket watch covers only fit Series 1 Apple Watches but, their charms will fit both Series 1 & 2 of the Apple watch!

Bakery Lorraine

One of the staple restaurants at the Pearl Brewery is Bakery Lorraine. This has been a regular haunt of mine for quite several years now. They have one of my favorite treats, French macarons. When I first moved to the San Antonio area it was impossible to find these delightful little cookies. So naturally when I found out about Bakery Lorraine I rushed over to sample them. The bakery has quickly become a local hotspot.

Now I go in for the occasional macaron, but mostly I go for the brunch. Is it a basic girl thing to do? Yes. Do I care? Nope.


Today is Bakery Lorraine’s 5th birthday. They will be giving out birthday cake macarons, while provisions hold. If you are in the area swing by and grab yourself a tasty treat!

Peggy’s on the Green

This evening I had the pleasure of going to a new restaurant just off Boerne’s Main Street, Peggy’s on the Green. Located inside the historic Ye Kendall Inn,  Peggy’s on the Green oozes southern charm both in the decor and food.  It is easy to tell that the staff members are veterans in this industry, the service was impeccable and there was not a fork out of place. My server Walter was a treat, and Arash the sommelier was incredibly knowledgeable. My evening started out with amazing appetizers, candied jalapeños with whipped cream cheese as well as chicken skins. I have to tell you I was nervous about the chicken skin… but it was incredible!

For the main course, I had the Soft Shell Crab, and my guest had the Crab Cakes, though I was extremely tempted to try the numerous offerings of steak (next time!).


For dessert, I had to try the Grandma’s Chocolate Cream Pie.




Absolutely every single thing was delicious and a credit to the chef’s ability to blend good old fashioned southern cooking with the flavor of the Texas Hill Country. Peggy’s on the Green is a very welcome new addition to Boerne’s Hill Country Mile.  I cannot wait for my next visit!



Visit their website below:



Why I am that annoying person who Instagrams Food Pictures

One thing that truly elevates my existence is going out and having a nice meal… and then Instagraming it. For me going out to a nice meal and a glass of wine is seconded only by curling up on my couch with my dogs with a bottle of wine and binge watching House of Cards. Going out for a meal can brings so many unexpected things into one’s life. In fact, many of our life’s biggest moments happen while gathered around a table and sometimes the most memorable moments we have with loved ones; which is where Social Media comes in. Sure some people just like to look at tasty treats or find new restaurants to try, and don’t get me wrong I absolutely utilize those features, but I also see those moments as memories. I will remember the trip to Hotel Havana and the incredible meal my friends and I had while discussing the expansion of one of their families. I remember the paper I had to write and how proud I was of it when I look back at a photo of a latte I consumed. So when you are looking at the photos on this page or perusing my Instagram you are getting a glimpse into a  moment of my life, moments when I am discussing intimate details with family, friends, and loved ones. Memorable moments.

First blog post


I started this as a creative outlet. I realized not so long ago that I was getting into the routine that so many others do: Wake up, go to work, come home, get ready for bed, wake up go to work, repeat.  I missed vloging and having a creative outlet for writing that was not about my major. So I present to you this page. I will be updating with vlogs and posts about new places Ive been to, new restaurants, new products I have found, and the occasional fashion related post as well. I hope that this page is in some way entertaining or brings a smile to your face, and that you will enjoy coming with me on my journey.